Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Ugly Truth

The first official meeting with the Personal Trainer including fitness level tests went as well as it could, considering the circumstances. Body Composition Analysis was the most intimidating part and yes, the results can be called the ugly truth. Something - well, quite a bit of something actually - needs to be done and fast. Seeing the figures and graphs on a print out was quite a slap in the face. Thanks, I needed that!

Now I have the body fat percentage graphs in a visible place at home, reminding me why this project is so important. Taking care of your health means everything. If you're not healthy, everything else becomes secondary, right?

I believe this Operation Brazil has to be done using a "from zero to hero" approach, since I have been so inactive for several months. The reason (or excuse) was one huge project: my 110-page Master's thesis, which glued me to my office chair for about 4-5 months. My body was screaming for exercise but I knew I needed every minute of my free time and still steal some more hours from my beauty sleep if I wanted to get the thesis ready by the deadline and graduate in December. When I did actually sleep I was half awake, moving paragraphs back and forth on an imaginary Word-document... I believe I was a little bit stressed. I managed to make the deadline though and graduated in the planned schedule, but it came with a price: +7 kilos. And of course, those added kilos have not gone anywhere.

To get started I have written down everything I have eaten or drank for two days now, to provide my Personal Trainer some information concerning my eating habits and nutrition. I'm eagerly waiting for the training programme Sanna will come up with and start working on it.


  1. What an idea / challenge to go on a 'diet' before coming to Belgium! :)
    You can remember the food and drinks over here, especially the support drinks one is obliged to have when a new baby is born (let's hope so by then) :) Anyway, I admire your courage! X

    1. Hehe, yeah I'm not making it ease for myself! First the holiday in Belgium and then the week in Barcelona and Oslo. I'm still determined to stick with the diet though. Hey, you could start preparing yourself for giving birth soon, OK? :) Good luck and see you soon!