Monday, July 9, 2012

Warm Up Week - Done!

The warm up week is now behind, mostly including just writing down what I normally eat and drink during the days as well as lighter exercise to wake the muscles up and prepare them for what's coming the first actual training week. So, my task for the weekend was the following fat burning exercises:
  • 45 minutes walk/slow run + stretching (hear rate 112-132)
  • 60 minutes walk/slow run + stretching (hear rate 112-132)
Going for a walk or a run might sound simple but there are certain preparations you have to do. Where's the Bluetooth heart rate transmitter, is the battery OK? Wet the strap, click the transmitter on. There's my mobile phone with Sports Tracker - oh, but is the battery charged though? Oh and also the iPod. Right, then a good amount of mosquito repellent on and I'm good to go.

Sunday evening's 60 min brisk walk proved to be a sticky one as it was 26°C and very humid. The weather forecast was predicting thunder storms and you could really tell by just stepping out.

The first actual training week started with another meeting with the Personal Trainer. It included the last fitness level test and a gym workout session afterwards. Not even hoping to be able to move normally for a couple of days now! It's amazing just how badly your muscles can hurt after a good workout when you have had a long break in exercising. Oh well, at least I know I've done something right.

Just checked my e-mail and there was the exercise program for the rest of the week, including another gym session with the PT, another 45 min walk/slow run and a muscle training exercise I will have to manage by myself while I'm enjoying a holiday week in Belgium. We'll go through that during the next gym training so it should be OK.

Speaking of Belgium - it's quite challenging to start this just before the summer holiday that interrupts the daily routine. At the same time I'm sure this is just what I need for telling myself "No!" when it comes to eating or drinking too much of whatever and not going for a walk or a run like I should. Just because "I'm on a holiday".

More about Routine vs. Relapse later!

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