Friday, July 27, 2012

PROGRESS UPDATE (week 3), Motivation & Inspiration

Oh wow, what a boost I got this week - I had my second body composition analysis done, three weeks into this project and I wasn't really expecting much of it. But: my body fat had gone down by 1,9% and the figures were also showing a whopping 1,6 kg loss of body fat! Seriously, how amazing is that? I know, still looks like small numbers but ladies and gentleman: it IS progress. And that little progress right there made me believe that I can do this: I can get in shape and be healthy and happy! Woohoo!

I'm well aware of the fact that I'm only in the very beginning of a long journey and it's nice to get some inspiration and further motivation by admiring beautiful and fit bodies. I don't even dare to imagine in what kind of shape I could get with a lot of hard work and dedication, but if I could choose I would rather look like these fitness model ladies than some stick thin models who in my humble opinion don't really live a healthy life in general, just seem to starve themselves and don't necessarily even exercise. Of course, it's a whole different thing if you are naturally skinny, but still eat well and exercise too. 

There aren't too many fitness models that I would know by name so I just used Google to find "role models" for myself. Quite a few were actually named in other blogs, so I thank you for the reference, fellow blogists!

I'm a big fan of a local girl, young, beautiful and positive Janni Hussi, who won Fitness Model 2010 competition here in Finland. Her training diary blog can be found here (in Finnish).


Swedish Linda Fodor was a new name for me but after finding some pictures of her I'm convinced. Definitely role model worthy, though in some of the pictures she looks almost scarily ripped and a bit too muscly to my liking. But in these pictures she looks perfect.


One of the celebrity role models could well be Jessica Biel. Just take a look at these pictures!


Though I'm not a big fan of the Jennifer Nicole Lee's "look at me" behaviour and training sessions in public parks for all (paparazzi) to see I can't help but admire her achievement. She has worked hard to get fit and looks amazing, as you can see in the pictures in this Mail Online article.

Another Mail Online article on 9 July introduced the ESPN Body Issue 2012 and one of the reader comments really made me nod in agreement: "The human body is an amazing machine. Makes me realize i need to take better care of mine! - Daniel, USA".  

So very true. I have been so unfair to mine.

Now it's time to pack my things (again) and start summer holiday part 2. We're heading to Barcelona and Oslo for a week, I can't wait to see my dear friends again! Of course the week will include quite a bit of aerobic training since our hotel in Barcelona doesn't have a gym. 


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